Enterprise AI across your Data Platform

Ana is your team's personal data scientist
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Integrated with your data platform where it exists today



Ana works where your team lives

Collaborate with Ana to analyze your data where your team lives. In Slack, Teams, or any other platform 



Integrated across your Business Intelligence System

No more dashboard sprawl - Ana is your business team’s first stop to find any dashboard or metric in your business intelligence platforms

Ana retrieves any dashboard, preventing redundant dashboard creation
Ana navigates your semantic layer with 100% certainty



Ana manages your entire data catalog

Ana writes your latest dbt docs, and also knows about the google doc titled “sales-ops-data-definitions-2.0-2022-v2”

Indexes all the places where your teams store messy metadata
Surfaces definitions from anywhere with verified links
Understands that different teams have different definitions
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Enterprise ready LLMs fluent in SQL & Python

We're not an Al company, we're a data company. We've taken care of the Al for you.

Secure & Compliant Deployments
Ana can be configured for any compliance standard required by your company, using different LLMs for different needs
Workflows Native for Your Team
We can fine tune LLMs to the needs your team has, getting more intelligent
Protecting your Data with Guardrails
Apply industry-leading guardrails to anonymize your data through our Incognito engine, so no LLM sees your customer's name or phone number

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