we're making every human a data scientist

textql is trying to build autonomous driving for the modern data stack. ai will soon feel more like a colleague and less like a tool - this will fundamentally change how people work, learn, and live. starting with data analysts, textql aims to create a fully autonomous data organization, empowering everyone to spend their time using data instead of working with data


textql's mission is to fully automate every single step in the lifecycle of data.

everyone should wake up every day with curated insights prepared for them

if the data's not there? point ana to the source and she'll build the pipeline automatically

if the data's not clean? tell ana what it should look like and she'll clean it automatically

not sure what to ask? we'll personalize questions for you automatically

someone should be able to ask a question, and have a data pipeline built on the fly, have it backfill historical data, and have all of that infrastructure setup by ai.

real values

some meta about value-setting: we believe values don't mean anything if they don't have clear tradeoffs. if you try to have your cake and eat it too - you're just laying out a platitude.

in other words, "move fast and break things" is a good value, because it acknowledges that when in doubt, you should err on the side of speed.

on the other side: "we work hard but maintain good WLB" is a terrible value, it doesn't acknowledge that an emphasis on WLB comes at the cost of brutal and hard work.

we'll put more thought into formatting this into a clever way

having ownership
  • focused on the outcome and not the output
  • take ownership for losses as much as for wins
  • get revenue share in the work you do

tradeoff: ownership comes with accountability, when we win, we win big. when we lose, everyone will feel it. you're not insulated from the lows - and if we get punched in the face we won't tell you "it's all going to be alright"

having self awareness & realism
  • understand the tradeoffs you're making
  • understand when someone else is better suited for a given task, and delegate it to someone else

tradeoff: we don't tell everyone "we're all equally effective at everything", which is considered impolite in most places. we acknowledge that facing our weaknesses will hurt feelings

having a sense of urgency
  • constantly asking "how can we achieve the same outcome with less work"
  • prioritizing getting it right over getting it scalable

tradeoff: when we build something for the first time - we expect duct tape on it. we acknowledge the debt we take on

having integrity
  • we trust you to act in the best interests of the team over yourself
  • we don't have admin policies to stop you from rent-seeking our hr policies

tradeoff: we won't be able to maintain strong controls, if we start losing trust in each other, it all comes toppling down. don't be the person who makes hr necessary.

having drive & aggression
  • winning does matter, and you're always striving for more
  • always push for the extra mile, always looking at the next highest peak

tradeoff: we acknowledge it might cause someone to inflate their achievements, and it comes at the cost of comfort

meet our team

we're a team composed entirely of ex-founders and incomplete-college-degrees. if you think belong on this team - drop us a note at ethan@textql.com

Alec Velikanov
Ethan Ding
Mark Hay
Spencer Hubert
Noah Sluss
Dong Han
Jia Jia Kong
Gabriel Tomitsuka

there's so much left to build

these are the roles we currently have open - if you think you'd be a good fit for any of them please let us know!

see our openings →

software engineer - lambda

new york city, ny


our lambdas build out the backbone of our product - which is written in haskell. they're some of the strongest domain experts in the business

software engineer - delta

new york city, ny


our deltas work directly with customers to build out workflows deeply integrated into their day to day operations, includes ai fine-tuning and data engineering responsibilities

software engineer - new grad

new york city, ny


we're hiring for new grad engineers to join our team, looking for both candidates who are strong engineers.


ex-founder operator

new york city, ny


we're always looking for ex-founder operators with their own barrel to join our team. you're either a formerly venture backed founder or a founder who has grown their own business to $10,000+ in revenue (can be consulting


new york city, ny

if you're incredibly scrappy, and think that you'd be able to help us achieve our mission. email me at ethan@textql.com to share why!