TextQL for Marketing Teams

Make decisions on campaigns in minutes not months.


Next-Gen Marketing

Make Data Driven Marketing Finally a Reality

Ana transforms marketing teams by automating data collection and analysis, freeing marketers to focus on creativity and strategy. This platform eliminates the bottleneck of manual data processing, providing real-time insights for campaign optimization, audience targeting, and content personalization.

With Ana, marketing professionals can swiftly adapt to market trends, understand consumer behavior, and measure campaign effectiveness without getting bogged down in data logistics. This empowers teams to dedicate more energy to creative development, strategic planning, and customer engagement. Ana streamlines marketing operations, making teams more agile and campaigns more impactful, driving growth and enhancing brand value in a competitive landscape.

AI Analytics

Make Every User a Data Scientist With Ana's AI

With TextQL's AI powered data analyst, Ana, anyone on your team can become a data scientist. Unlock critical insights throughout the business and drive more data driven decisions every day. No more overwhelming the data team with requests or searching through dozens of dashboards. Ana gets you the data you need immediately.

Modeling Without the Mess

We built ontology to seamlessly layer the business concepts your teams use the most on top of your existing models and warehouse, no transformations needed.

Advanced Data Visualization

Present your data in visually stunning and interactive dashboards, enabling you to easily communicate insights to stakeholders.

Python-Powered Analysis

Every chat is backed by a powerful Python notebook that Ana can use to preform any modeling or analysis needed. No more back and forth for every parameter tweak.

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