TextQL for Revenue Teams

Boost your revenue team's performance with the power of instant data-driven decisions.


Data Driven Revenue Decision

Grow Revenue not Reports

Ana empowers revenue teams by automating the synthesis of sales data, market insights, and customer interactions, allowing them to shift their focus from data management to growth strategies and revenue optimization. This platform provides real-time analytics that enable revenue teams to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and tailor sales tactics to meet market demands effectively.

With Ana, teams can enhance customer segmentation, improve pricing strategies, and streamline sales processes, leading to increased efficiency and higher conversion rates. This strategic shift enables revenue teams to concentrate on building relationships, understanding customer needs, and driving sustainable business growth, ensuring that every decision is data-informed and aligned with organizational goals.

AI Analytics

Make Every User a Data Scientist With Ana's AI

With TextQL's AI powered data analyst, Ana, anyone on your team can become a data scientist. Unlock critical insights throughout the business and drive more data driven decisions every day. No more overwhelming the data team with requests or searching through dozens of dashboards. Ana gets you the data you need immediately.

Modeling Without the Mess

We built ontology to seamlessly layer the business concepts your teams use the most on top of your existing models and warehouse, no transformations needed.

Advanced Data Visualization

Present your data in visually stunning and interactive dashboards, enabling you to easily communicate insights to stakeholders.

Python-Powered Analysis

Every chat is backed by a powerful Python notebook that Ana can use to preform any modeling or analysis needed. No more back and forth for every parameter tweak.

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