TextQL Joins NBA Launchpad to Revolutionize Fan Data Analytics

More than 50 years ago, Nielsen started their ratings system, measuring the viewership and engagement of the television audience for the first time. It might seem quaint now, but it was the first time TV broadcasts could actually meaningfully be quantified. For sports leagues, it meant they no longer relied on in-person attendance to measure fan engagement and gave teams their first peak into rich fan data.

Since then, particularly with the advent of the modern internet, social media, and streaming, most businesses now rely on a regular and rich stream of data to get much more meaningful insights about every touchpoint and customer. Meanwhile, many leagues and teams still rely on those original two datapoints (attendance and Nielsen ratings) as their main measure of success. Why? It’s just too much work to do anything else. With audiences spread across so many channels, it’s been just plainly too difficult for leagues to get meaningful fan insights across the board.

Which is why today we’re so excited to announce TextQL is joining NBA Launchpad to power just that. Using TextQL’s unique semantic model, we’ll be delivering an AI-powered senior data scientist 24/7 to every analyst, strategist and business user throughout the league. Starting with NBA fan data, our platform will make it possible to analyze fan behavior from every engagement top to bottom, giving the NBA a unique advantage in understanding and engaging with their fans.

This isn’t going to be an easy problem to crack, and language models aren’t a magic wand that you can just throw at data, but with TextQL’s unique platform and close collaboration with users throughout the NBA thanks to the unique opportunity of NBA Launchpad, we think we’re going to crack it. (we're also ready to work really hard - see below)

If that’s the kind of challenge you think you’d want to help solve — we’re hiring!

And if it’s the kind of challenge your business faces…

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