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Put Your Data Requests to Rest

Ana revolutionizes the way data teams operate by eliminating the traditional data request queue, freeing them to concentrate on meaningful analysis and strategic initiatives. Our platform empowers organizations by automating data retrieval and processing, providing instant access to insights and analytics. With Ana, data professionals can bypass mundane data gathering tasks and focus on leveraging their expertise to drive decision-making and innovation.

This shift not only accelerates project timelines but also enhances the quality of analysis, as teams can dedicate more time to interpreting data and deriving actionable insights. Ana transforms data management, ensuring that data teams are more efficient, responsive, and aligned with business goals, ultimately leading to a more data-driven and agile organization.

AI Analytics

Make Every User a Data Scientist With Ana's AI

With TextQL's AI powered data analyst, Ana, anyone on your team can become a data scientist. Unlock critical insights throughout the business and drive more data driven decisions every day. No more overwhelming the data team with requests or searching through dozens of dashboards. Ana gets you the data you need immediately.

Modeling Without the Mess

We built ontology to seamlessly layer the business concepts your teams use the most on top of your existing models and warehouse, no transformations needed.

Advanced Data Visualization

Present your data in visually stunning and interactive dashboards, enabling you to easily communicate insights to stakeholders.

Python-Powered Analysis

Every chat is backed by a powerful Python notebook that Ana can use to preform any modeling or analysis needed. No more back and forth for every parameter tweak.

Access Insights Now: Using AI to have Data Teams Focus On What Matters Most

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