Announcing our $4.1M fundraise from DCM & Neo to make data driven operations instantaneous

Every single problem is a data problem, data is the new oil, etc. - we’ve all heard it before. Data practitioners and leaders for the past 20 years have been chasing the elusive goal of achieving self serve data driven operations. It’s so hard that “self-service” is a naughty word at half the data teams in the world.

As data grows within a company, the need to ingest data, prepare data, deliver data… starts to drown your enterprise. People who are meant to be ingesting new sources and preparing it end up waste deep in an ever-growing swamp of ad-hoc data requests. Each one marked urgent, each one requiring an essay of explanation, each one a bottleneck to a data driven operation.  

AI represents an opportunity remove that bottleneck entirely. But this opportunity comes with new un-paved frontiers to explore. Working off real-world data warehouses, with hundreds of tables, seemingly duplicate columns, and unclear relationships is incredibly hard, even for human experts - the best data model for engineering convenience is not the same as the best data model for AI to read, and business teams to use.‍

TextQL’s mission is to bring the cost of a data driven operation to zero.

Every data driven operation is composed of:

  1. read
  2. logic
  3. write

Concretely, we’re helping organizations optimize their data environments for fast, accurate answers to their read operations - enabling business teams to execute on complex data driven tasks without the help of a technical person. We do this by modeling our customer’s data using the nouns of their business - a semantic net called an “ontology”.

‍Right now, business teams at household name enterprises are using our Ontology to power hundreds of queries a day w/o data team intervention. By putting us in front of their #data-requests-urgent queue, data driven operations are made faster than ever before.

But enabling the read operation isn’t enough - to truly bring the cost of that operation to zero, we need to enable a business person to do logic and write in the same place. When a marketer asks for a “list of emails of users who’ve X” - they don’t want to stare at that list of emails, they want to trigger a workflow that marks them with a tag - then write & schedule a campaign for them, within the same interface.

Business teams can trigger any of the above actions within our platform - all within the same interface.

Starting here, we hope to create a new paradigm that enables every single human on the planet to be able to carry out data driven operations as intuitively as sending an email. But the road to getting there is filled with difficult technical challenges.

To that end, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised a 4.1M seed round, led by Neo & DCM, with participation from Unshackled, Indicator, FirstHand, Page One, Worklife, Tristan Handy, Dillon Woods, John Jahnke, Brian Denker, Chris Prucha, Leng Lee, Matt Kraning, Abe Othman, Kevin Wang, Spencer Burke, Jonathan Dawe, Kenn So, and others.

If you are relentlessly ambitious and hungry to work on the highest leverage technology in history, join us.

If you’re a CIO or data leader who wants to learn how to model your data for the next generation…

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